Standout™ Universe

STANDOUT™ UNIVERSE is a production and marketing corporation dedicated to helping you create and distribute content that positions you as the authority in your industry or tribe. Our team of producers, graphic and web designers and copywriters work with you to create customized courses, events, and virtual offers tailored to your audience.

Why Choose Us?

Powerhouse Promotional Packaging

Our packages don’t just come with the tools and a few handy links. We bring together the perfect team and help you create your course or event from the ground up. Our team is there to support you with content creation or organizing and contacting your team of speakers.

Engaging Network of Influencers and Affiliates

We are more than content creators. We work together with other speakers, sponsors, and promotional pages to add value to your offers then propel your message to the masses.



Our Team

World Class Mentor and Standout Certified Master Coach

Toni brings together the charisma and connections of a national event producer and the business strategist mindset of a corporate project manager to create empowering events and promotional campaigns time and time again.

World Class Mentor and Standout Certified Master Coach

Dee helps our clients to get their message out with clarity impact from years of experience both creating her own books/programs and helping speakers, authors, healers, and coaches to create innovative and inspiring work.

Graphic Design Director

James helps to bring every event, brand, and course to life using the latest in graphic design software in tandem with a decade of experience creating striking and memorable brands.

Standout Certified Master Coach and Course Creation Team Lead

Jordan is the go-to person for assistance in keeping up with projects from landing pages all the way to on-stage offers. He helps with developing delegation strategies and meetings that work at the right times for you.

Executive Assistant and Producer 

Nikki Brown works behind the scenes getting everything ready for your production. She uses her knowledge and networking skills from her background in modeling and music event production to make you shine.

Copywriter / Virtual Assistant

Jevaughn works to craft masterful copy that highlights the best features of any event, coach, or project all while assisting in project development ensuring the best outcomes for you.

Partners & Affiliates

Here are just a few of the folks from our amazing network. Standout prides itself on working with entrepreneurs and business owners who are passionate about their message and dedicated to changing the world.

Contact Us

Enough About Us!

We want to hear from you. Let’s set up a discovery meeting and see what amazing courses, promotions, and live events you and the team can bring to life.

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